Mission & Values

Our Mission

Bright New Day, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is committed to the individual and social change necessary to support women, who are or have been incarcerated, to live healthy and fulfilling lives. We do this by connecting women to the resources they need to develop the life skills and social supports for futures as productive members of society.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing: We choose to always act with integrity and to put the clients’ needs first.

Expect the Best: We strive to be our best and we recognize the good intentions of all persons with whom we engage.

Work Well With Others: Collaborating with others in our field is what fuels us. By bringing together the best resources available to our clients, we are able to create a community of organizations that are focused on one thing – the success of our clients.

Be Bold. Take Risks: In our line of work, we sometimes have to think outside of the box when it comes to finding a solution. We will be bold and take necessary risks when it means that the outcome is beneficial for our clients, organization and the community at large.

Celebrate Individuality: We are individuals and we value the uniqueness of all persons. We work together to build innovative programs and to create opportunities for women who are or have been incarcerated.