Bright New Day & Give Big

Bright New Day is participating in the Seattle Foundation’s Give Big on May 6, 2014!

We strive to develop and provide wraparound supports that strengthen families, reduce domestic violence, and reduce recidivism.  About 1.5 million people are incarcerated in the United States. Of them, 95% will be released back into the community. Each year, nearly half of the prison population is released. Formerly incarcerated people face nearly insurmountable barriers to successful reintegration.  These include limitations on where they can live and be employed.  In response to the increasing corrections costs (~$31,000 per inmate per year), and the harmful effects of large-scale incarceration on families and communities, the need for programs that contribute to post-prison success are critically important. 

To learn more about our programs and to donate, visit the Give Big website.